AristoMedia Tips – 7-juli-2018

We krijgen regelmatig tips van onze contactpersoon bij The AristoMedia Group in Nashville. Deze tips betreffen dan meestal beginnende country artiesten die nog niet zijn doorgebroken bij het grote publiek. We zullen proberen je zo veel mogelijk op de hoogte te houden van deze tips.

Met dank aan James Freeman.

Antonio Moraes – “There For You”

The son of “3 Time World Champion Bull Rider” for the PBR (Professional Bull Riders), Antonio Moraes has spent his youth between living in Tyler, TX and his home country Brazil. His father, Adriano Moraes, known worldwide as the “Great Ambassador” of bull riding, brought the family to Texas when Antonio was just 18 months old, where Antonio discovered a love of music and the country lifestyle. The family returned to Brazil when Antonio was 10 and his dreams of becoming a country singer started to become more distant. So at the age of 16, he took it upon himself to return to the states and pursue his dream full time. He first came to Nashville in July 2017 to meet with vocal coach Brett Manning and released his first single, “Cowboy Way” in December that year. Now he splits his time between America and Brazil performing for audiences in both countries as well as being a featured singer on a weekly country TV program on Brazillian TV. His latest single and video, “There For You” is a reflection on how we are all part of the same humanity united by something we don’t understand and invites listeners to believe that no matter where we are someone will be there for us.