Jason Kirkness – Whiskey Kiss

Aan het begin van het jaar stelde ik je voor aan Jason Kirkness. Dit Whiskey Kiss is een track van zijn meest recente album A Beautiful Disaster.

Dit vertelt Jason over het ontstaan van deze song:

I was doing an A&R job for a Mexican soap opera star who wanted to make a country record. He hired a producer from Los Angeles to record his record and they went and got submissions from the publishers around Nashville and LA. They had about 2000 songs to listen to. So i got hired to listen to all of them and submit my favourite 30. I heard this one and immediately was playing air guitar. By the chorus I was rocking out so hard that I went running through the living room and I leapt up on the couch and did a massive scissor kick in the air and in that moment I though “I should totally record this song”. They listened to Whiskey Kiss and felt it would be better suited to a younger artist and suggested i cut it. It turns out it was from the publisher I was already working with and they in short, said yes. It was written by Nicky Chinn who was in the band Sweet and wrote “Ballroom Blitz” and about a billion other Top 40’s and Matt Bronleewe who was in Jars of Clay and wrote “Flood” and Ben Glover who has won Grammy’s for his work as a songwriter.