AristoMedia Tips – 29-juli-2017

We krijgen regelmatig tips van onze contactpersoon bij The AristoMedia Group in Nashville. Deze tips betreffen dan meestal beginnende country artiesten die nog niet zijn doorgebroken bij het grote publiek. We zullen proberen je zo veel mogelijk op de hoogte te houden van deze tips.

Met dank aan James Freeman.

Lucas Hoge is back with a hot new music video, “Dirty South.” The video premiered on CMT last week, and is the follow up to “Boom Boom” which spent multiple weeks at #1 on CMT Music’s 12-pack Countdown last year. He has also written several songs for television and movies including series like WB/CW’s “Smallville,” CMT’s “Tom’s Wild Life,” and Animal Planets “Last Chance Highway.” The new song, “Dirty South” is about a guy and girl spending time outdoors falling in love with each other. Hoge co-wrote the song with Jack Williams (who also written for The Who) and Troy Johnson at an organic farm house in Nashville across the street from the Loveless Cafe. Hoge describes the song as, “Sexy and dirty all at the same time. It’s just about this guy and this girl who’s having a good time underneath a magnolia tree, and a little skinny-dipping to go with it.”