AristoMedia Tips – 1-december-2018

We krijgen regelmatig tips van onze contactpersoon bij The AristoMedia Group in Nashville. Deze tips betreffen dan meestal beginnende country artiesten die nog niet zijn doorgebroken bij het grote publiek. We zullen proberen je zo veel mogelijk op de hoogte te houden van deze tips.

Met dank aan James Freeman.

Briana Renea – “Chasin’ Trouble”

Country Music up-and-comer Briana Renea has released a new music video for her debut single release “Chasin’ Trouble.” The 24 year old Oregon native embraces the charming richness of small town life in her home state in the video which was filmed throughout The Dalles, OR with a majority of the scenes shot within the National Neon Sign Museum. The song and video tells the story of a spunky girl who has a dangerous side. The video spotlights a tug of war between the red-headed troublemaker and her love interests not-all-impressed mother. Ultimately, he decides to break away from his mom to dance with the troublemaker. The video is filled with 50s wardrobe selections and accessories as well as a souped-up, candy red Camaro. The original tune was co-written with Steve Mitchell and Will Hopkins and was produced by Jason Wyatt of Watershed Studios, Nashville.