High Valley – Young Forever

Afgelopen zondag kon je genieten van een concert van het Canadese duo High Valley. Dit Young Forever is hun meest recente single.


We’re awake, we’re alive
Got the fire in our eyes
We’re kings, we’re queens
And if this is just a dream
Don’t wanna wake up
Let this feeling break up

Runnin’ free, runnin’ wild
Never runnin’ out of style
Got the fight, got the stuff
Got the never give it up
Not gonna shake us
Nothing’s gonna break us

We, we know, we know we are
Brighter than all the stars
Long as we’re together
We’ll stay young forever
We, we make, we make the rules
Break ‘em when we want to
Long as we’re together
We’ll stay young forever
Forever, young forever
We’ll stay young forever

You know the part in the song
Everybody sings along
Well that’s us, loosen up
Shout it out, we’re talkin’ all night
The end’s nowhere in sight

From the streets to the tracks
Here’s to never lookin’ back
Cause the past doesn’t last
As long as we’re together
Just keeps getting better
Just keeps getting better


Unwinding ever moment
Like the clock is broken
Never stop, never slowin’
Yeah, we’re livin’ wide open