US Country Music

Devin Dawson – All On Me

All On Me is de debuutsingle van Devin Dawson die opgroeide vlak bij Folsom Prison in California en noemt Johnny CashAlan Jackson en Marvin Gaye als zangers die hem hebben beïnvloed.


(Verse 1)
Yeah I know that the woes and the weight of the world
Can get in side our minds and be too much sometimes, I know
But baby don’t let the no’s and the ups and the downs
From the roller coaster ride beat you up inside, baby don’t
But if you ever feel that way, don’t you ever hesitate, cause

You got my number you can call on me
If you’re in trouble put the fall on me
When you’re mad you can take it out on me
When it don’t add up you can count on me
When you’re low come get high on me
Make it slow take your time on me
Said let, let it out
Come and lay on me
When it gets heavy put the weight on me
Baby put it all on me
Put it all on me

(Verse 2)
Wanna take you out on the town on my dime anytime, tell me when you’re free
We can do anything and everything you want yeah
Oh I wanna hear all your fears and your troubles
Strip it down, really get to know one another
When it’s nobody but you and me just us
Girl you know I’m here for you
You can lean on me anytime you need to