US Country Music

Easton Corbin – A Girl Like You

Easton Corbin werkt aan een nieuw album en de single A Girl Like You is daar de voorbode van.


Got lots of bars around this town
They got cold beer, yeah, and they got Crown
Got neon light in the windowpane
Got lots of guys thinkin’ they got game
Got loud guitars a little out of tune
But they ain’t got a girl like you
Naw, they don’t

They play lots of songs on the radio
‘Bout them good ole’ country girls that we all know
Long tan legs and cutoff jeans
Yeah, just shakin’ that sugar every country boy’s dream
I’ve heard them all at least a time or two
Ain’t none ‘bout a girl like you, that’s true

You’ve got that beautiful born with it kind of thing
It comes so natural, no baby don’t ever change
And I wonder when I see the smile on your face
Baby, what did I do to ever get a girl like you
A girl like you

You can dress it on up or you can just hang out
Kick it on Broadway or kick back on the couch
You can dance on a bar, you can dance in the rain
Shotgun a beer, just sip champagne
Yeah, there’s only one, ain’t room for two
There ain’t another girl like you, another girl like you

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby, what did I do to get a girl like you

A girl like you don’t come along but once in a lifetime, better hang on
I can’t find one thing wrong, I could just go on and on and on

(Repeat Chorus)

I could sail the ocean blue, and never find, never find a girl like you