Martina McBride – Reckless

De laatste single van de 49-jarige Martina McBride dateert van 2012. Nu is ze er eindelijk met nieuw materiaal. Reckless is de single en titelsong van haar volgend album. Het is een stevig popcountrynummer.


For stumbling through a mess of dances
For squandering my second chances
For wrecking every dream and breaking everything I’ve ever had
Ooo, yeah.”
I’m reckless, and senseless
I’ve jumped off the fences
Abandon all the rules
And crashed like a fool
Out of control, so criminal
You could have let me drown
But you reached your hand out and you met me in the fire
You fanned the flames up higher
Could have left me for dead
But you pulled me from the edge
For loving me
Like you do
I know I’m reckless
But you must be reckless too.
For trusting me when I wasn’t worth it
Forgiving me when I didn’t deserve it
For looking in my eyes and seeing the soul inside
Crying, crying, crying.”
Everyone else, would have run, run, run, run
Everyone else, would have been done, done, done, done
Everyone else, would’ve stepped on the gas and drove away so fast and put me in the past.