Sam Hunt – Raised On It

Sam Hunt uit Georgia is de volgende songwriter die zijn kans waagt. Hij schreef volgende songs voor Kenny ChesneyKeith Urban en Billy Currington (click op naam artiest). Hij weet dus hoe je hits moet schrijven want de woorden truck, riverbank en girl komen in deze song voor. Raised On It zal op het te verschijnen debuutalbum komen.


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Songtekst :

Snap backs and levi jeans,pbr and burnt CDs

Running for the grass on the hot concrete

Still working on our summer feet

Cheap gas and ready ice,

Trunk music and headlight fights

Dodging smoke from a riverbank fire

Pretty girl and a pickup line like

“Hey what’s your name, you know smoke follows beauty baby,””


We stayed up all night long

Made our drinks too strong

Feeling ten feet tall

Ropes swinging into the water

In the middle of the night

Like oh-oh-oh oh oh

Breaking our boots in

Stompin’ in the ground we grew up on

Yeah, we were raised on it

Worked hard and played on it

We had it made on it

We were born and raised on it

Car wash at the custom tent

Sticky quarters and pine tree scent

The only sign that we ever got stuck

Is the muddy chain in the back of the truck

5-1’s with a 20 on top

Three guard at the barber shop

Duckin’ from your ex at the 4 way stop

Turn the music down when you’re passing the cops

Repeat Chorus Bridge:

Mama’s prayer and daddy’s speech

Front porch philosophies

A Little too young and dumb to see

Just what it all meant to me

Repeat Chorus

Oh-oh-oh-o-oh’s (fade)