Nieuwe album Tim McGraw komt 5 februari 2013

Het nieuwe album van Tim McGraw komt uit op 5 februari 2013 en zal Two Lanes Of Freedom gaan heten.

Track list:

  1. Two Lanes Of Freedom
  2. One Of Those Nights
  3. Friend Of A Friend
  4. Southern Girl
  5. Truck Yeah
  6. Nashville Without You
  7. Book Of John
  8. Mexicoma
  9. Number 37405
  10. It’s your World
  11. Highway Don’t Care (met Taylor Swift en Keith Urban)
  12. Annie I Owe You A Dance
  13. Tinted Windows
  14. Let Me Love It Out Of You
  15. Truck Yeah (Live)

Tracks 12 t/m 15 zullen alleen te vinden zijn op de Deleuxe versie van het album.

Country music icon Tim McGraw is revealing more details about his highly anticipated release Two Lanes Of Freedom.  His first album for Big Machine Records will be released on Feb. 5, 2013 and is set to prove once again that on stage and on record, he remains dedicated to delivering music that is innovative, heartfelt and authentic.

“I feel like I’ve progressed in my work, and I’ve always strived to get better,” says McGraw. “On my last album, I was discovering some new sounds and new things that I wanted to do, scratching the surface of the direction I wanted to head. This album was a way to reach a little further back, to all that I’d done throughout my career, and bring both sides together—it’s a combination of that discovery, along with some rediscovery.”

McGraw maintains that it was the album’s title track that really established the tone for the entire project.

“When we cut ‘Two Lanes of Freedom,’ there was such a freshness to it,” he says. “The track has this sort of Gaelic drive to it and really sets a palette for the whole record because it’s so visual—it has that summery, hazy image and I think that made the whole record open up for me.”

McGraw reaches some especially emotional depth in his performances on such songs as “Number 37405,” the lament of a singer-turned-convict.  Most powerful of all might be “Book of John,” a wistful account of a family going through the journal left behind by its late patriarch. The album closes with “Highway Don’t Care,” a breezy yet complex track that features Taylor Swift (the song is featured as number 13 on the album as a nod to her) and Keith Urban.