Even aandacht voor de Canadees Codie Prevost. Zijn nieuwe single Last Night All Day is net uit en zijn nieuwe album is ook aanstaande. Cruising Song is een single uit 2011 en staat op het album Get Loud.


Verse 1

Last kiss goodbye you’re leaving me here tonight

Gotta pray I make it through the next few days

Until your back again this long distance thing were in

Gonna be a distant memory someday

So don’t forget me on the highway


When you’re driving down the road

Diggin’ on your radio

Think of me cause don’t you know

I’ll be missing you

Sing along with what you feel

Tap it on the steering wheel

If you gotta be gone

Let me be your Cruising Song

Verse 2

Sun roof open wide you and me on your mind

Cars passing by that you don’t even see

Big smile all the way blue sky no sign of rain

All we gotta get through is another week

And when that light turns green