Peter McWhirter – Girls In The Summertime

Zomerclip 6 Deze Peter McWhirter werd in 2011 uitgeroepen tot Best New Talent in Australië. Dit hitje was de derde single van zijn debuutalbum Lucky As A Seven uit 2010.

Officiële website Peter McWhirter

Songtekst :

She got two piece red bikini on
She’s a five forty inch cherry ball
She’s got a six pack of .. on ice
She’s got one foot in the water
And the sun keeps getting hotter


Let it up to an old summertime dream
Like a cold … with a liquor ice cream
… you just can’t count down the reason why the guys
Love girls in the summer time

She brought her .. to the bar
… three rounds of .. so far
It’s 10 o’clock and they are ready for some fun
I got dollars in my hand cause I’m gonna tip the ….


We’ll drive around in the best man truck
The wind blows down and the music up
The feet on the .. board …
Looking for the beach gonna play in the sand
Some skip some reach there … go no where
She needs a little sun cream on her back
Ain’t nothing that feels like