Kenny Chesney – Welcome To The Fishbowl (nieuw album)

Zoals al eerder gemeld komt het nieuwe album van Kenny Chesney uit op 19 juni aanstaande. Nu zijn ook de titel Welcome To the Fishbowl en de hoes bekend.

Kenny Chesney is set to release his highly anticipated 13th studio album, Welcome to the Fishbowl, on June 19. The superstar revealed the new album title and artwork to “USA Today” this morning.

Chesney says the unique title spawned from a conversation he had at a beach bar called The Red Bar in Grayton Beach, Florida. He was with some of his football-playing friends when the idea came to him.

“We walked in, and it was packed,” Chesney recalls (quote via “USA Today”). “There was about 20 minutes of people coming up, saying hello, wanting to get something signed.

“After that died down, one of those guys said, ‘I didn’t realize your life was like this.’ I said, ‘Hey, man, welcome to the fishbowl.’ As soon as I said it, I realized that I was going to write a song about how our world and our culture is shrinking.”

The title track isn’t necessarily about being a celebrity and dealing with the pressures of fame though.

“In fact, at the end of the song I speak to celebrities and say, ‘You asked for this,’ ” Chesney says. “But you don’t have to be in the public eye for your business to be everybody’s business. And that’s just the way it is.”

As for the rest of the songs on Welcome to the Fishbowl, Chesney says fans can expect great songs as well as songs that will continue to fill football stadiums.

“I think that’s what I’m enjoying about this part in my career,” he says, “and the new album’s going to show that even more. Not a lot of artists, especially if they’re as mainstream as me, have that freedom.”

On June 2, Chesney will embark on one of this summer’s hottest concert tours, the “Brothers of the Sun” Tour, alongside his good buddy Tim McGraw.

“We start rehearsing (for the tour) after the ACMs, and we start piecing it all together,” says Chesney.

Chesney says he plans to preview at least three new songs in his set while on tour this summer.

“I try to fill my sets full of songs that everybody lives with every day. To play a new song in a stadium, you might lose people. They might tune out for three minutes. But I’m at a point in my life where I want to play them new music. I want them to know we might do ‘Fishbowl’ and a couple more.”

“I’m looking forward to playing new music for everybody,” he adds. “It’s going to be an incredibly fun and passionate summer.”