Sugarland – Joey

Sugarland begon ooit als duo, werd een trio en is nu weer een duo dat bestaat uit Kristian Bush (Knoxville, Tennessee) op mandoline, akoestische gitaar, harmonica en background vokalen en Jennifer Nettles (Douglas, Georgia) neemt de lead vokalen voor haar rekening. Dit Joey is van hun meest recente album (met uitzondering van hun Kerstalbum uit 2009) Love On The Inside uit 2008. Het nieuwe album van Sugarland getiteld The Incredible Machine staat gepland voor later dit jaar.

Sugarland Website.


What if I said yes
What if I’d gone out that night
What if you’d turned left
And everything would’ve turned out alright

What if I spoke up
What if I took the keys
What if I had tried a little harder
Instead of always trying to please

Joey, I’m so sorry
Oh can you hear me?
Joey, I’m so sorry

What if I said no
What if we never fell in love
What if we’d gone slow
Or a little bit faster and broken up

Would I know this hurt
Would I feel this pain
Do you know that with all I have left in my very last breath
I will call your name

Repeat Chorus

Were you sad, were you scared, did you whisper a prayer to be free
Was it quiet and cold, was it light or too dark to see
And did you reach for me

Repeat Chorus Twice