Love And Theft – Dancing In Circles

Mooie close harmony in dit Dancing In Circles van Love And Theft. Deze song blijft een beetje hangen in de Billboard Top Country Songs hitlijst rond de 25e positie en dat is jammer naar mijn mening.


I don’t understand why we do what we do to each other
According to his word, we’re all born sisters and brothers
But we lie and we steal
Fight and we kill
Even though we know the way

Why do we go dancing in circles
when we know
it never ends
we come so close to loving each other and then
we go dancing in circles again

All through the ages we try to share this world together
turning the pages pretending we’ll live here forever
But we’ll have to face our maker someday
and reap what we’ve sown on the way

repeat chorus

We know how so
why can’t we just get it right
I pray someday we’ll overcome all the damage we’ve done and we’ll fly

repeat chorus